It has proven itself to be standing very severely in the export field through manufacturing its products open to any innovations and in compliance with the requirements of the current era, and sometimes exceeding its own limits, and increasing its production to 5.000.000 items per year.
YIL-BA tekstil exports all its productions under Cipo And Baxx brand to the countries such as Russia, Germany, Australia, France, Hungary, England, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, and United States as well as being a known brand with its stores in Europe. It has been always ready to full-capacity output level through providing 600 people with employment chance in a plant capacity of 12.000 m2. It has fulfilled to be integrated into contemporary competitive market conditions through performing r&d studies without delay, which is very essential to exist in the sector, and budgeting. It has also made great contributions to the representation of the country through participating in all fairs and similar events placed in Europe. The advertisements given to the magazines published worldwide with a high circulation and the sponsorships of the concerts and festivals held in Europe have increased the popularity of the brand Cipo And Baxx, in addition to bringing about a severe growth trend. YIL-BA tekstil has also been successful at preserving ethical values and the nuances of commercial life focused on humans along with the fact that it has put its signature under these successes and growths. It has maintained its existence with its principles such as reliability, transparency, innovativeness, respect for humans and environment, consumer satisfaction, participative and customer-oriented approach, and employee satisfaction through focusing its vision on quality and humans.
Having proceeded on its way by being open to any innovations and without limiting its targets since its foundation, YIL-BA Tekstil İhracat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti will also proceed on its way with the same consistency and determination. It aims at reaching to tomorrows with success and confidence through not deviating from its modern style, visioning continuously, and continuing its commercial life in parallel with its objectives.

Spring Summer 2023 Denim Collection 2023 Cipo and Baxx


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